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Henk, the youngest child of Theuns and Susan Opperman, was born in Hluhluwe, where he picked up the Zoeloe language by playing with his Zulu friends on the farm. His parents decided to move to Standerton to occupy a farm there when Henk was six years old. He started school at Leslie and finished at Evander.
During his time in school, he was already performing at different functions. Henk knew in his heart that there was nothing that he would rather do than to pursue music, this was his one and only career choice. After the army, he went into graphical design studying at the Pretoria Technikon. It was during this time that the nickname Dozi came into the foreground because he was a man that just love to sleep all the time.

After joining the South African Police Band, he started studying under Hansie Roodt. With years of determination and sweat, he finally releases his first album in 1999 called “Mercy”.

In a way, the “Mercy” CD was the stepping stone to the success of Dozi. Being unique as one of only a handful of Caucasian male South African singers, being fully trilingual, Dozi became the missing link between Black and White South Africans when he was asked to perform traditional Afrikaans songs in Zulu on a popular Afrikaans television program called “Noot Vir Noot”

Not long after the release of his Zulu gospel album, Dozi released his first Afrikaans album titled: “Op Aanvraag” in 2000.The album becomes an immediate success and skyrockets to the top of the South African charts, selling over 100 000 units. This places Dozi firmly in the double platinum crowd. With the public still wanting the “Op Aanvraag” CD and while sales are still continuing to climb, Dozi decides to release his next album: “Storm op die Horison” in December 2001. Staying true to his nature Dozi compiles a 17 track album that contains a mixture of both Afrikaans, English as well as Zulu tracks. “Storm op die Horison” goes platinum. In February 2003 Dozi releases his 4th studio album called: “Siyaya – Ons Gaan” which achieves gold status within the first month of its release. Dozi receives platinum awards for both “Storm op die Horison” and “Siyaya – Ons Gaan” at the Aardklop festival that same year. In Dozis early years as a musician, he became very famous in the local club, pub and restaurant circles. Doing these shows allowed the audiences of then to experience another side of Dozi much different from the music we know today. Doing well-established cover songs became his trademark. Because of the nagging from his earlier Student and restaurant fans, Dozi releases his “Rocking the World” album in December 2003. This album is a definite “Dozi” interpretation of already popular songs. Seventeen days after its release “Rocking the World” goes gold. While still doing his performances at the KKNK festival in 2004, Dozi collaborated with many other well-known South African musicians like Jannie Moolman and the Afrika Mamas. This production receives a Kanna Award for the most popular production at the festival. In August of 2004 Dozi fills an emptiness in his music career as well as his fans by releasing his very first DVD recording: “Dozi Live at the Rendezvous”. His new Afrikaans album “Kruispad” gets released at the Aardklop Festival that same year and also achieves platinum status. “Kuispad” shows Dozi’s diversity to perform almost any song from the heart. Hence it is serious or comedic.

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